By Justin Tenuto, February 26, 2016

Customer service ticket tagging is a big expense. Here’s why that’s changing.

If you're doing business online, chances are, you're getting customer service tickets. It's the nature of things, really. And the bigger you are–and the more moving parts your organization has–the more tickets you're going to get. Increased feedback–be it complaints, praise, or simple question [...]


By Justin Tenuto, February 3, 2016

Relax: Automation isn’t coming for your job

For the past few years, the drumbeat of think pieces about automation taking your job–yes, your job–has gotten both louder and more incessant. Smart people like the folks at Oxford Martin and Gartner forecast more and more jobs being gobbled up by our mechanical overlords and President Obama mad [...]

Featured Story

By Justin Tenuto, January 28, 2016

Our 10 Favorite Open Data Libraries

There are precious few things that everybody adores. Once you get past breakfast in bed and two dollar bills, the list starts to look a little barren. But if there's one thing we can agree on as a society it's this: free stuff is good and cool and you want some of it right now. In the spirit of this [...]

Inside CrowdFlower

By Jack Shay, January 27, 2016

The Voice of the Customer in CrowdFlower’s Product Development Process

Late last year, we hosted the Rich Data Summit. Fundamentally, it was an industry event where we brought in some of the smartest speakers in the data science landscape to share their views on the present and future of the field. After announcing the Beta release of our new AI offering, my attention [...]

Research & Insights

By Justin Tenuto, January 7, 2016

What skills should data scientists have in 2016?

It's a brand new year and that means you'll be seeing scads of trend pieces this week. As you can probably assume from the title, we're not necessarily immune to that sort of thing ourselves. That said? Ours isn't based on analysts and insider opinion. It's based on real live data–in this case, th [...]


By Justin Tenuto, December 17, 2015

What the GOP Debate taught us about machine learning

While large swaths of Twitterdom were playing drinking games during the GOP Debate two nights ago, we had some fun of our own playing with our machine learning classifier. Here's what we learned: What worked out well  Our classifier really excelled in two important categories: candidate ide [...]


By Justin Tenuto, December 15, 2015

Using machine learning to analyze the GOP debate

A few months back, we ran a Twitter sentiment analysis job on the first GOP Debate. Those were the halcyon days when everything was all Trump, all the time, and, well, now that we mention it, not much has really changed. Sure, you hear a bit more about Ted Cruz (leading in Iowa!) and Ben Carson (kin [...]


By Justin Tenuto, December 9, 2015

Video Webinar: How NDA Crowds Work

Plenty of jobs that come through CrowdFlower deal with publicly available data. Twitter sentiment analysis, internal search relevance, comment moderation, and many other use cases leverage our contributors and our platform to enrich data that's simply available on the internet. But for certain jobs, [...]


By Lukas Biewald, November 13, 2015

Why did Google open-source their core machine learning algorithms?

Earlier this week, Google open-sourced TensorFlow. According to Matt Cutts, who has run Google’s spam algorithms for years, TensorFlow is essentially Google’s “secret-sauce.” That said, Google clearly believes machine learning is incredibly important and is willing to invest billions in R&am [...]


By Justin Tenuto, November 6, 2015

Using machine learning to predict gender

This all started with a simple question: could we train an algorithm to determine if a Twitter account belonged to a man or a woman? With that in mind, we ran a simple data categorization job, fired up our brand new CrowdFlower AI feature, and tried to answer just that. What we found was, well, pret [...]