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The CrowdFlower Platform puts the control in your hands. Access the tool that the experts use. Customize your crowdsourcing solution and launch microtasks to our crowd of over 5 million contributors. Achieve high-quality results.

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Task Design Tools

Create with CML, CSS and Javascript, or use our GUI

Every business has its own unique needs and challenges. The user-friendly form builder allows you to easily create crowdsourcing jobs specific to those needs. More advanced users can take advantage of CrowdFlower Markup Language paired with custom CSS and Javascript - all powered by Twitter's Bootstrap front-end framework.

Automated Quality Control

Trust the results with our confidence score

Quality Assurance can be time consuming and delays getting the final results you want. We have the industry's best QC mechanisms and track everything from contributor response velocity to answer distribution. We assign every unit of completed work a confidence score to help ensure the work you receive has only been done by trusted and proven contributors.

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Contributor Targeting

Find the best brains for your microtasks to deliver the best results

Finding the right people for the right job is often difficult and requires a lot of resources. We use our history of 1 billion human judgments across 5 million contributors to determine trust levels within our system. You can also target jobs by skill (e.g., content writing or fashion expertise), geography, or demographic.


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Task Dashboard and Alerts

Monitor your job's progress and health to always stay on top of the situation


Projects are often large and complex, so keeping track of everything can be difficult. With CrowdFlower's Platform, you can easily get an update on your job in a matter of seconds. Visit the intuitive job dashboard for an instant snapshot of the health of your task. Or check your inbox for alerts about task cost, quality, and throughput..


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Developer API

Integrate with ease to leverage all resources in your organization 

Resources and information now reside in a large variety of platforms and systems across organizations. With CrowdFlower's Developer API, advanced users can build complex applications that interact with and utilize all of CrowdFlower's most advanced features in an automated way. Gain increased control over your job while still taking advantage of our built-in time-saving tools.

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