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Sentiment Analysis

Don't just monitor the conversation. Understand it.


Discover True Opinions That Other Solutions Miss.

CrowdFlower's people-powered sentiment analysis succeeds where automated solutions fail. Whether it is sarcasm, misspellings or other variables, CrowdFlower's human review consistently gets it right. The result is broader and deeper insights into public opinion about your product, brand or campaign.

Crowdsourcing with CrowdFlower can offer you:

Access to Any Social Media Source: Public sentiment about your brand can be found on a variety of social  channels. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, blog posts, comments, community sites, or forums, CrowdFlower will help you understand what is being said.
More than Negative or Positive: Once we know the content is relevant to the topic you  designate, we can dive even deeper than just sentiment scoring. We can uncover answers to  custom questions about the data and, when available, tell you whether the content was created  by a man, woman or company.
Quick, Relevant Data: With access to the world's largest labor pool, we can offer you fast  turnaround and real-time intelligence on the topic of your choice.

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