By Brendan O'Connor, August 7, 2008

Wisdom of small crowds, part 3: another worker visualization

This is a follow-up to the previous post on individual workloads and rates. Here are the submission times and durations for every worker on the same graph. Each worker is one horizontal line. An assignment is started at a dot, and its duration is for the line segment extending to the right.


The particular data set isn’t the same as in the previous post, but was for a similar task and exhibits a similar structure. Worker rates substantially differ. Some workers do a few HIT’s, but others work on as many as are available. Some work rapidly with breaks (19, 36). Some assignment durations are as long as 5-10 minutes (13, 37). Some work very intermittently (29).

This view makes the parallelism of AMT apparent. At any vertical timeslice you can see how many workers are active at that time. The entire job ends on the right side when the available HIT’s run out.

[ This article is part of a series, Wisdom of Small Crowds, on crowdsourcing methodology. ]