By Justin Tenuto, December 17, 2015

What the GOP Debate taught us about machine learning

While large swaths of Twitterdom were playing drinking games during the GOP Debate two nights ago, we had some fun of our own playing with our machine learning classifier. Here's what we learned: What worked out well  Our classifier really excelled in two important categories: candidate ide [...]


By Justin Tenuto, December 15, 2015

Using machine learning to analyze the GOP debate

A few months back, we ran a Twitter sentiment analysis job on the first GOP Debate. Those were the halcyon days when everything was all Trump, all the time, and, well, now that we mention it, not much has really changed. Sure, you hear a bit more about Ted Cruz (leading in Iowa!) and Ben Carson (kin [...]


By Justin Tenuto, December 9, 2015

Video Webinar: How NDA Crowds Work

Plenty of jobs that come through CrowdFlower deal with publicly available data. Twitter sentiment analysis, internal search relevance, comment moderation, and many other use cases leverage our contributors and our platform to enrich data that's simply available on the internet. But for certain jobs, [...]