Featured Story

By Justin Tenuto, January 28, 2016

Our 10 Favorite Open Data Libraries

There are precious few things that everybody adores. Once you get past breakfast in bed and two dollar bills, the list starts to look a little barren. But if there's one thing we can agree on as a society it's this: free stuff is good and cool and you want some of it right now. In the spirit of this [...]

Inside CrowdFlower

By Jack Shay, January 27, 2016

The Voice of the Customer in CrowdFlower’s Product Development Process

Late last year, we hosted the Rich Data Summit. Fundamentally, it was an industry event where we brought in some of the smartest speakers in the data science landscape to share their views on the present and future of the field. After announcing the Beta release of our new AI offering, my attention [...]

Research & Insights

By Justin Tenuto, January 7, 2016

What skills should data scientists have in 2016?

It's a brand new year and that means you'll be seeing scads of trend pieces this week. As you can probably assume from the title, we're not necessarily immune to that sort of thing ourselves. That said? Ours isn't based on analysts and insider opinion. It's based on real live data–in this case, th [...]