By Romeo Leon, October 25, 2016

CrowdFlower Expands to Israel

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into Israel with the opening of an office and the hiring of Nati Catalan! Now, […] [...]


By Nick Gaylord, October 18, 2016

Understanding your model statistics

Two weeks ago, we were very happy to announce the launch of CrowdFlower AI in partnership with Microsoft Azure Machine […] [...]


By Tyler Schnoebelen, October 13, 2016

U.S. Presidential Debates Through the Eyes of a Computer

This post wraps up a series I’ve been doing on using machine learning models to understand recent American political debates […] [...]


By Leena Kamath, October 11, 2016

Is AI mean or magic? A webinar you shouldn’t miss.

AI is hitting primetime as never before. 50 years after an AI Winter put the brakes on large-scale AI research, […] [...]


By Tyler Schnoebelen, October 10, 2016

The most Clintonian and Trumpian moments of the VP Debate

Last week, I wrote about the most Clintonian and Trumpesque moments of the first presidential debate. In this post, I’m […] [...]