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By Philip Rosedale, October 27, 2011

258 Guys in a Garage! Crowdsourcing an Entire Startup



About the author: Philip Rosedale is the creator of Second Life and a Co-Founder of LoveMachine, Inc.

My co-founder Ryan and I are having so much fun pulling together data and thoughts for my upcoming keynote at CrowdConf next week. It’s a great opportunity to try and summarize much of what we’ve learned over the last few years about whether and how crowdsourcing can be taken to the next logical (we think) level: to replace a bunch of what we’ve come to think of as the nature of “work” and “companyā€¯.

The Silicon Valley startup formula is now a well-recognized and time-honored strategy, which I think we’ve all worn into a bit of a rut: 3 or 4 very smart people (usually guys) hunker down in someone’s garage, work a bleary-eyed 80 hours a week producing a prototype, getting funding, hiring those first handful of key engineers, etc.

But what would happen if you never hired anyone at all? What about doing a ‘real’ Silicon Valley startup – meaning a new, risky, design-sensitive idea backed by venture capital – but without the garage and the crunch time and team of ‘A players’? What if you built a system that instead allowed people all over the world to be paid small amounts of money to help you prototype, build, and then release a high quality new website and software?

Well that’s what we did, and there is a lot to talk about!



Come hear Philip and many other experts in the crowdsourcing field speak at CrowdConf 2011. It is a great opportunity to discover what is happening in the world of crowdsourcing. It starts next week, November 1-2 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. You can buy your tickets here. Hope to see you there!