By Vaughn Hester, December 12, 2012

Announcing Our New Cloud Module Partnership with Parse

Today we are very proud to announce a partnership with Parse, the leading mobile and desktop application platform, to bring crowdsourced photo moderation to Parse-powered applications with the CrowdFlower Cloud Module.

As Parse writes today on their blog:

Cloud Modules are the easiest way to integrate a Parse app with third-party services and libraries like the already released Twilio, Mailgun, and SendGrid Cloud Modules. The CrowdFlower Cloud Module, the latest addition to the Parse ecosystem, gives Parse application developers access to RTFM or Real Time Foto Moderator. Many applications include photo sharing amongst friends, family, and the world. Moderating these images can take a lot of time and resources. By crowdsourcing this tedious task, developers that create applications that include photo-sharing, like the Parse-powered TOMS app, don’t have to create a complex workflow to manage moderation. Parse developers now have the power of millions of eyes moderating their content with just a few lines of code.

Here’s a look at how the Crowdflower Cloud Module works:

var crowdflower = require("crowdflower");

Parse.Cloud.define("myCrowdFlowerFunction", function(request, response) {
  crowdflower. submitImage({
    image : {
      url: request.params.url
      metadata: {
        objectId: request.params.objectId
  }, {
    success: function(httpResponse) { response.success("Image submitted!"); },
    error: function(httpResponse) { response.error("Uh oh, something went wrong"); }

To learn about this new Cloud Module, take a look at the Parse documentation page.”

At CrowdFlower, we’re celebrating this partnership for many reasons. When we initially designed and released RTFM, we did so specifically with app developers in mind. We know that mobile apps will continue to create large amounts of user-generated content. Our market research indicated that content moderation can be a challenge for app developers, particularly small teams. Most developers struggle with the decision whether or not to moderate content; those who do moderate have to decide whether or not to devote internal resources to developing a proprietary moderation tool. We see the power of crowdsourcing every day, and we wanted to make it more accessible to the developer community. Now developers who moderate photos via the Parse Cloud Module can easily integrate photo moderation while leveraging our experience with crowd management and quality control.

Our partnership with Parse has been taking shape for most of 2012, and we are thrilled that this Cloud Module is now available. If you have suggestions for improvement or ideas for other partnerships, please drop us a note at: rtfm at crowdflower dot com.