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By Lukas Biewald, November 9, 2016

Announcing our Scientific Advisory Board

One of the challenges of working at the forefront of an exciting and fast moving field is the amount of noise.  It seems like every day a new AI startup launches with a new approach that’s going to revolutionize everything.  In my last fifteen years working in the machine learning field, I’ve watched announcements of breakthrough after breakthrough. But in reality, machine learning has made steady, incremental progress and has slowly become an essential tool for every business.

When we launched our CrowdFlower AI product we really wanted to separate the reality from the hype. Cutting edge research really does matter and when you build a machine learning algorithm getting the details right is essential. The vision of CrowdFlower AI is to do just that in all of the domains that our customers work in –  from retail search engines to self-driving cars. That’s why we put together a scientific advisory board to make sure that we stay on top of all the best practices in a fast moving field, not just today, but as long as human-in-the-loop remains the way to make machine learning practical.

We’re so excited to announce our world-class board of scientific advisors:

CF Scientific Board - All

Barney Pell is among the most visionary of successful AI entrepreneurs. He is currently Machine Learning Fellow at the Creative Disruption Lab at the University of Toronto, Co-founder and Chairman of LocoMobi helping to bring AI technology to the parking industry, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Moon Express opening up the Moon for commercial development, and Associate Founder and Board Advisor for Singularity University.  Barney was also the founder of Powerset, a company at the forefront of natural language processing technology that was acquired by Microsoft.

Anthony Goldbloom is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kaggle, the world’s largest data science community with over 650,000 members. Forbes Magazine has named Mr Goldbloom as one of the “30 Under 30” in technology, and MIT Tech Review has named him one of Top 35 Innovators under the age of 35.  As CEO of Kaggle, Anthony has a front row seat to the latest advances in machine learning and is especially equipped to advise CrowdFlower on the most meaningful product improvements across a wide range of applications.

Pete Warden is currently staff research engineer at Google where he is the technical lead of the TensorFlow Mobile team, responsible for deep learning on mobile and embedded devices. Previously Mr Warden was founder and chief technology officer at Jetpac where he led the creation of a unique data product that analyzed the pixel data of over 140 million photos from Instagram and turned them into in-depth guides for more than 5,000 cities around the world.

CrowdFlower has always benefited from a close relationship with the research community. From our quality control techniques to our interface design, many of the best ideas in our product have been inspired by academic papers. Today a Google Scholar search turns up 2,700 papers mentioning CrowdFlower written in an amazing variety of disciplines. The topics range from applying our human-in-the-loop platform to medical applications to scalable crisis relief to teaching general AI systems. It’s a real pleasure to formalize the relationship in a way that supports our product and customers.