By David Lacy, June 14, 2013

Builder Survey Tutorial – Part I

Today, we’re going to provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a job on CrowdFlower Builder. Builder can be used in many different crowdsourcing objectives, such as sentiment analysis, business data enhancement, and categorization.

Surveys are also a popular use of Builder and a survey tutorial can serve as a great introduction to the platform’s powerful technology. This first post will outline the first two steps in creating a survey on Builder.

1. Creating a Job

First, click the “Create New Job” button on the jobs dashboard after you have signed in.

Figure 1.0 – Creating a New Job

Then, navigate to the “Edit” tab, where you will begin creating instructions for the contributors (
survey participants). Be sure to provide a clear and concise title that describes your survey well.
Avoid displaying payment amounts, as payment often varies across multiple channels.

Figure 1.1 – Entering Title & Instructions in the Graphical Editor

2. Adding the Questionnaire

Now it’s time to add the questions that will make up your survey. These questions will be composed
using CML (CrowdFlower Markup Language). You may use the Graphical Editor (As seen in Figure 2.0) or
the CML Editor (As seen in Figure 2.1). If you are using the Graphical Editor, click on the box entitled
“ADD FORM ELEMENTS” and select the appropriate form elements you wish to use in your survey from the
left hand column (Figure 2.0).

Figure 2.0 – Creating a Questionnaire in the Graphical Editor

You are able to switch between the Graphical Editor (above) and the CML Editor (below) as you like by
selecting the blue button on the left side of the interface. Be sure to click “Save” before switching or
your progress will be lost.

You may also preview the job by clicking on the “Preview” button located to the left of the “Save”
button. This preview gives you the ability to see the task as it will appear to the contributors. This
is a valuable tool as user experience often plays a significant role in the sourcing of good quality
crowd results.

Figure 2.1 – Creating a Questionnaire in the CML Editor

For this particular type of CML element, we will have to include a value=”” tag with whatever output
value we want within the quotations. We recommend referring to the CML Documentation in order to verify
you have properly constructed your job before launch, since different elements will require different
tags. In this case, we will include the value tags and our end result will look like the CML below:

<code>&lt;cml:radios label="Is your mobile phone a touch screen?" class=""
        &lt;cml:radio label="Yes, my phone has a touch screen" value="Yes" /&gt;
        &lt;cml:radio label="No, my phone only has a physical keypad" value="No"/&gt;

Figure 2.2 – Editing CML Code

Figure 2.3 – Preview Your Job

You can easily preview your job by clicking on the preview button or by typing preview after the Job ID
and backslash in your URL bar.

In Part II of the Builder Survey Tutorial, we will adjust the settings, launch the job and download our results. Stay tuned…