By Laura Kim, April 23, 2014

Contributor Profile | The Accountant

This post is one in a weekly series in which we highlight one of the many amazing and diverse people who work on CrowdFlower tasks.  There are many stories hidden within the world’s largest workforce. This is just one.


Meet Yordanka K.

The Accountant

Plodiv, Bulgaria

Describe your hometown:

Plovdiv is the second major city of Bulgaria that is very beautiful with ancient architecture. People in my town are smiley and benevolent. My city is visited by tourists a lot.

What do you do when you are not microtasking online?

I work as an accountant and I like my job.

What made you interested in microtasking?

I learned about it from friends and have not stopped tasking since. Tasks also bring me pleasure and an additional income.

What do you do for fun? (when you’re not tasking, of course)

I really love reading books and listening to music. I also love meeting friends, traveling and swimming. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

I want to visit Dubai and Egypt. In Dubai, I want to examine the Seven Wonders of the World and in Egypt, I want to look at the pyramids. 

What is something that you have always dreamt of doing?

I want to have sufficient funds to travel and see the world. I want to learn about different cultures. Also, I want to have my own business – small hotel by the sea. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I am married. I have wonderful husband. I have one child – my son 24 years. I have a beautiful friend named Mary. She’s a great person. I wish everyone could have such a friend.