By Laura Kim, March 5, 2014

Contributor Profile | The Microtasking Expert

This post is one in a weekly series in which we highlight one of the many amazing and diverse people who work on CrowdFlower Tasks. There are many stories hidden within the world’s largest workforce. This is just one.

Florin C.


Meet Florin C.

The Microtasking Expert

Galati, Romania



Describe your hometown:

Galati, my hometown, is one of the largest cities in Romania that is important for steel fabrication and ship construction.

What made you interested in microtasking?

I microtask for money as it is my primary income and since I enjoy tasking, it is a pleasure participating in it and earning money at the same time.

What kind of work do you like to do?

I turn on music and take care of the house; such as cleaning my room, cooking, and cleaning the doghouse. Taking care of my house relaxes me.

How did you find CrowdFlower and how do you like tasking with us?

I found CrowdFlower about a year ago while I was looking for a job. I searched online and read a forum post about CrowdFlower. When I first tried out the tasks, it was a bit challenging but once I started understanding what to do, it got easier. I now find most of the tasks to be easy.

What advice would you give other people interested in working on microtasks?

It is very important to be patient and read the task instructions…This will help you better understand what you need to do. Learn from your mistakes.

What do you do for fun? (when you’re not microtasking, of course)

I like to go out with my friends to play soccer, bowl or just walk and talk about funny things.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

I would like to visit Dubai. I’m fascinated by everything there including the buildings, the green spaces, and the islands they have created on the sea.

What is something that you have always dreamt of doing?

I’m a big fan of the soccer team Arsenal, London. I always dream of visiting the stadium, meeting every player from the team and shaking hands with all of them.