By Brian Reavey, February 12, 2014

Contributor Profile | The People Who Get Your Tasks Done

This post is one in a weekly series in which we highlight one of the many amazing and diverse people who work on CrowdFlower tasks. There are many stories hidden within the world’s largest workforce. This is just one.



Meet Alexander L.

The Civil Engineer & Digital Entrepreneur

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Describe your hometown:

It’s a booming city on the northern part of Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. Our city is also known as the “City of Golden Friendship!”

What made you interested in microtasking?

My primary reason is to earn extra cash. But I also learn while earning and this made me even more interested. Additionally, I have a lot of free time and so I thought why not make use of this time and earn some extra cash?

What kind of work do you like to do?

I really do enjoy anything as long as I learn and earn from it. It does not matter for me what it is. I can easily adapt to things, learn and challenge myself more on things that I am not quite familiar… I am open to anything.

What’s the single CrowdFlower task that you’ve enjoyed the most? And why?

I enjoy all the categorization jobs. They are easy and well paid.

How did you find CrowdFlower and how do you like tasking with us?

I actually found CrowdFlower through one of the websites I work on, Clixsense. When they offered the CrowdFlower tasks, I was hesitant at first but I still tried and boom, I loved it right there… and of course, I got paid! Working with any company online is my desire. I am open to any opportunities that may come to me like that.

What advice would you give other people interested in working on microtasks?

Just work harder and all your efforts will pay-off. It takes patience and more patience, determination and dedication to prosper with this kind of online earning opportunity. Just enjoy and have fun doing the tasks! Good luck!

What do you do for fun? (when you’re not microtasking, of course)

I play with my two kids, watch YouTube videos and movies and stroll around the neighborhood. Most often we go to the mall and just roam around and have dinner. When we are tired, we just lie on our bed, tickle each other and have fun together. Me, Sean, Seth and Piah. Love it!

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

I would probably go to Disneyland in Hong Kong. I want to give my son his dream to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. He’s just 2 years old when he started to dream of going to that place, and so he has this piggy bank full of his savings because he said he wants to save so he could go to Disneyland.

What is something that you have always dreamt of doing?

I dream of creating my own business so that I don’t need to be away from my family and I could always be with them. The first thing on my mind is to have my own construction company to manage and/or even have an online business that I could just manage from home. I already have a local airline booking business but I still need to work on my client base, still a lot to work on.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I am actually a Civil Engineer who is keen to have a stable online opportunity to earn extra.