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By Patrick Philips, April 8, 2011

CrowdFlower and Citizen Effect: So Much Madness

After hearing that our friends at Citizen Effect were sponsoring Brackets with Benefits, a cool new March Madness pool where the proceeds from all the gambling go to one of the many awesome community development projects they support, we thought it would be fun to get involved. Considering how most people** watched their brackets go up in flames by the time the Sweet Sixteen rolled around, we thought it would be fun to give everyone a second chance to play.

We teamed up with Citizen Effect to invite all Brackets with Benefits participants, as well as the general public, to pick the results of the Sweet Sixteen and Final Four, a total of 10 games. We had one clear winner, who correctly predicted the outcome of 8 games (and missed Duke/Arizona and Florida/BYU, for those keeping track at home) and will be going home with a fancy new camcorder. For what it’s worth, the aggregated response of the crowd correctly picked 7 games.

In a tournament full of upsets, there were two games that surprised our participants most. Not surprisingly, these were the games where the two #1 seeds (Duke and Ohio State) lost in the Sweet Sixteen, which just under 10 percent of people picked. There was one person from Glenolden, PA (perhaps an embittered Villanova fan?) who picked both Duke and Ohio State to lose, but ended up picking only three other games correctly.

All in all, a fun little experiment. We want to send a big thanks to our friends over at Citizen Effect for putting together the pool and inviting us to participate.

**This doesn’t include our VP of Engineering, a proud Butler alum who took his alma mater all the way to the championship. Sorry, Brian, we all wanted your boys to win, too.