By Romeo Leon, October 25, 2016

CrowdFlower Expands to Israel

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion into Israel with the opening of an office and the hiring of Nati Catalan!

Now, you may ask why Israel and not U.K., Germany, or other European nations that have tech hubs?

In February of this year, I had the pleasure of visiting several customers in Israel along with other folks in the customer success team. Our primary goal was to meet customers in person, hold job design workshops, and of course gather feedback for areas of improvement. Israel was eye opening in many ways. Rather than the typical images we see in the mainstream media of a nation always fearful of being attacked, I was amazed by Israel’s vibrancy, sights, food, people, and culture. While spending time with customers, I was particularly impressed by the culture – open discourse, focus on efficiency, and drive to innovate. Often, I saw customers openly challenge and debate how to best leverage CrowdFlower AI into existing workflows. Then things clicked. Israel was called “startup nation” for a reason. When I came back to the U.S., my immediate recommendation to colleagues in the executive team was that we needed to expand to the “startup nation.” I’m happy to say that as of beginning of this month, CrowdFlower has officially expanded into Israel! Our first office outside the continental United States is in between Tel-Aviv and Netanya both of which are hotbeds of tech activity.

CrowdFlower expands to Israel

Aside from meeting existing customers such as eBay and IBM, I also visited several customer prospects interested in using CrowdFlower to clean and label data. Most of whom I’ve met were Israel based data scientists from large U.S. based companies. Until I talked to the customers like Salesforce and Paypal, what I didn’t realize was that a sizable part of the data science operations actually resided in Israel. Then it made sense – for these companies, product management was happening in the U.S. while new, high value fields such as data science was increasingly taking place in Israel due to the concentration of talent there. These teams were at the cutting edge of technology, particularly in data and machine learning, and are hyper focused on finding ways to gain insight and ultimately monetize data. It was clear to me that the market for data science was very large and still expanding. While CrowdFlower has attracted business from companies in Israel, to be honest, we haven’t tried that much. If we are able to set up shop and actually seek out business, I believe we will be able to capture a sizable part of the market.

Secondly, in order to continually deliver customer success, we needed to be in the hotbed of activity. Given the distance, it was much more challenging to understand the challenges that customers are experiencing and for that we needed to be on the ground to allow us to gather feedback about our product and services quickly and ultimately incorporate that into our overall strategy and roadmap. This of course will benefit not only customers based in Israel but all our customers.

We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re an Israeli based company or a data scientist in Israel working for a large U.S. company, how do you get more information and learn more about CrowdFlower? You can contact Nati Catalan, our Director of Strategic Accounts who is based in Tel-Aviv at