By Renette Youssef, December 4, 2014

CrowdFlower Meetup: Learn how to scrape, enrich and visualize data

CrowdFlower Meetups are back! 

Join us along with our partners Silk and Kimono Labs on Wednesday, January 28th at CrowdFlower’s office in The Mission and learn how to scrape, enrich and visualize data.


You’ll not only get to meet the team, but also see how easy it is to collect data from a website with Kimono Labs and then enrich your collected data with CrowdFlower. Finally you will learn how to use Silk to easily publish your rich, clean data online, and then visualize it as maps, charts and galleries.

We’ll demonstrate this end to end data enrichment project by building a database of over 500 wearable devices.

Come join us for beers and pizza and meet other liked minded data geeks.

Reserve your spot here. Places are limited!