By Aaron Zukoff, December 18, 2014

Crowdsourced Holiday Card: Using CrowdFlower’s Image Annotation Tool

Everyone here at CrowdFlower loves the holidays, and we wanted to share that love by sending a Holiday card from CrowdFlower to our customers. But what should this card look like?

We came up with a general theme, we wanted snowflakes on our Holiday card. Our next thought was around where we get these snowflakes from. Should we just go find some images of snowflakes and paste them on a card? That idea seemed pretty lame, so we came up with a better one. We would have the CrowdFlower contributors draw us snowflakes using our image annotation tool and use those for the Holiday card.

So we built a job asking the CrowdFlower contributors to draw any type of snowflake they wanted. We then took their drawings and created an awesome Holiday Card.

Check it out below.


Happy Holidays from everyone at CrowdFlower!