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By Renette Youssef, December 12, 2014

Data Categorization: Humor and the Bay Area Storm

It was called the Storm of the Decade, #Stormzilla or #HellaStorm in typical NorCal lingo — the storm that was delivered Thursday, flooding homes and businesses, closing schools, putting over 100,000 Bay Area residences into darkness, delivering waves of nearly 30 feet, and rainfall of several inches.

As everyone took to social media to tweet about the #BayAreaStorm, what exactly were we tweeting about? Was it a warning to other residents that roads were flooded? Was it to share updates about our wet commute into work?

To answer this question, we categorized 10,000 tweets and found that in typical laid back NorCal fashion, we were more amused by the storm, than we were concerned road closures or power outages.

Have a look at the results of categorizing 10,000 #BayAreaStorm tweets. Glad to see we all still have a sense of humor when it comes to the “Storm of the Decade”.

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