By Justin Tenuto, March 24, 2015

The Data Science Ecosystem in One Tidy Infographic

As data science becomes more and more important for everything from presidential campaigns to startups that haven’t quite yet settled on their name, it’s vital to understand how all the tools at a data scientist’s disposal inform the process. We’re writing about this data science ecosystem at length over at Computer World, but as a teaser, here’s a look at the infographic we’ve made to illustrate the landscape:


The post we’ve linked to above is a both an introduction to the project as well as a look at the various data sources that drive the process. You’ll learn when and why unstructured databases were pioneered, how cloud applications changed the data science landscape, how third party data fits into the overall taxonomy, and a whole bunch more. We’ll keep you posted on the next installment, Data Wrangling, which is something we happen to know a little bit about.