Research & Insights

By Chris Van Pelt, April 17, 2008

Does that picture make me look married?


If you could ask dozens of random people on the internet questions like “Do I look smart?” or “Does this dress make me look fat?”, why wouldn’t you? Today there are no excuses! With the launch of FaceStat you have the power to decide exactly what profile picture is right for the 10 different social networks you’re a part of. You have the power to make sure the photo you’re about to upload to makes you look attractive and funny. You have the power to make sure you look trustworthy and never divorced before your girlfriend sends that picture to her parents.

A couple weeks ago we took some pictures and asked Turkers a bunch of questions. We thought this was really cool so we built a tool to let anybody see what people had to say about their picture.

You just upload a picture from your hard drive or Facebook, and we send the faces out to Mechanical Turk to be judged. Currently you can get statistics on one photo per day. Browse the latest faces, or even see who looks the most trustworthy.

Add some faces, and see how you stack up!