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Are You Interested In Solving Gnarly Problems?

At CrowdFlower, we are flipping the entire work paradigm on its head: we are enabling our customers to build processes, find workers and complete work with the same level of quality in a matter of hours, not months.

  • How do you create an intuitive UX that allows semi-technical users to create workflows that potentially hundreds of people can understand and execute on?
  • How do you create a platform that is stable and reliable enough that customers are willing to outsource key business processes to a 3rd party?
  • How do you build the software infrastructure so that this can scale 10x?

Join us on the journey of why CrowdFlower came to be, who fits in as an engineer, why it’s great to be an engineer here, what impact CrowdFlower is having, and some of the amenities you’ll have if you join our team.

Why Was CrowdFlower Started?

Our CEO: Lukas Biewald

Who Fits in as a Crowdflower Engineer?

NAME: Chris
“one of the most gnarly challenges is how to create an simple interface for a platform that’s infinitely customizeable”

Our Ideal Candidate

  • 3-5 years of full-stack, production-level, Ruby-on-Rails experience
  • Comfortable relentlessly pursuing a task independently
  • Pairs when it makes sense to get a job done
  • Have a solid command of JavaScript

NAME: Brian
ROLE: Senior Software Engineer
“there’s a general culture of ‘no-ego'”

CrowdFlower devs at work

NAME: Ryan
ROLE: Software Engineer
“I joined because of the autonomy and breadth of responsibilities”

CrowdFlower is best for independent thinkers who enjoy digging into a complex problem and finding a way to avoid getting bogged down by details. We see our platform get used in really surprising ways, and it’s hard to envision ripple effects of small changes to such a powerful tool.

Collaboration is really necessary to be successful at CrowdFlower. Our system is complex, and you need to be as ready to ask for help as you are willing to roll up your sleeves and dig into difficult problems. Patience is also key. We put customers first, and we try not to put their jobs at risk for a shiny new feature.

– Oliver, Software Engineer

NAME: Tyler
ROLE: Software Engineer
“took a project where there was no specs… had to write the specs from scratch”

Why Is It a Great Time to Be an Engineer Here?

NAME: Matt
ROLE: Senior Data Scientist
“(I joined to) dig into some of the research problems around crowdsourcing”

Again, Our CEO

NAME: Bryan
ROLE: Software Engineer
“there’s a fair deal of mentorship going on here”

How Many Enterprise Software Companies Can Affect the Livelihoods of 4 Million People?

While we are still trying to 10x our number of clients, you can work on a platform affecting millions on people today. Every day, thousands of contributors perform microtasks helping data scientists enrich their data.

The work we provide for these contributors is real and the impact it has on their livelihoods is real. For example, watch this contributor testimonial describing the impact CrowdFlower tasking has on her life:

Are You Looking for a True Startup Vibe?

We have you covered:

  • Nimble and productive? Check. We work as agile teams in both 2-week scuand work and ship in 2 week sprints.
  • Empowered? Check. We have a relatively small team and plenty to build and do. Once you are on-boarded, your performance will be the only limit of how much you can take on.
  • Fun? Check. We still have regular hack days for our team to explore their outside-the-box ideas and side projects. In fact, this engineering recruiting page came out of a hack day project.

Of Course, We Have All the Standard Perks
of a Venture-backed Startup

  • Market-competitive salary and equity? check. We want you to feel rewarded as we succeed.
  • Collaborative workspace in San Francisco? check. We are located at 17th and Mission in the heart of the Mission district. There are endless possibilities for food and drinks nearby. Commuters have convenient access to the 16th Street Mission Bart station.
  • Catered lunches and dinners? check. We provide dinner on Tuesday and lunch on Thursdays.
  • Stocked kitchen (and beer)? check. Lots of healthy snacks and a dedicated beer refrigerator.
  • Ping pong/Foos Ball/Darts? check. Unleash your competitive spirit, but be warned: some of our team members bring their own specialty paddles.
  • Choice of Laptop? check. Mac or PC, you pick it out and we will order it for you.
  • Flexible hours? check. Once you complete our on-boarding and training process, we don’t care where you work as long as you get your work done.
  • Vacation? check. We don’t track your vacation. Take time off when you need it.
  • “Swag”? check. Every new employee gets a free pair of Bose headphones and a Patagonia jacket.