By Justin Tenuto, June 30, 2015

Five new speakers confirmed for the Rich Data Summit


We’ve been busily adding new speakers for the Rich Data Summit, and by speakers, we mean data scientists. Lots and lots of data scientists.

As a reminder, the conference is happening in San Francisco at the Village on October 14th of this year. We already spoiled our first batch of speakers last time we wrote. Here are a few of the great new speakers who will be joining our keynotes Nate Silver (EIC of 538), Beth Simone Noveck (Founder of TheGovLab, former US Deputy CTO) and Monica Rogati (VP of Data at Jawbone) at the Rich Data Summit:


Alice Zheng, Director of Data Science at Dato

Alice’s research has spanned software diagnosis, network security, and social network analysis. Her talk? The (delightfully) titled “The Unbearable Richness of (Multi-Modal) Data”. She’ll be going over how multi-modal data–i.e. text, image, user-item interactions, etc.–can be used to to create intelligent models that go beyond finding similar items to building truly personalized recommenders. She’s the Director of Data Science at Dato and can be found on Twitter at @RainyData.


Eric Schles, Senior Analyst, Human Trafficking Response Unit

Eric is deeply passionate about solving social problems with data. He currently works as the Data Scientist for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Human Trafficking Response Unit, as well as serving as an NYU Researcher working on projects involving environmental analysis, teen homelessness, math education and novel machine learning algorithms. He’ll be speaking about how he uses computational tools to affect change in these difficult social issues. You can find him on Twitter at @EricSchles.


Catherine Bracy, Director of Community Organizing, Code for America

Catherine is a big believer in the power of both open data and the power of technology to improve government. Currently the Director of Community Organizing at Code for America, she was also the product manager and director of President Obama’s campaign technology office in San Francisco, the first role of its kind.We particularly enjoyed her TED talk titled, “Why good hackers make good citizens.” You can find her on Twitter at @cbracy.


John Stafford, Senior Director for Digital Media Strategy, Stanford

John is a long time Stanford employee who works extensively with text and sentiment analysis. He frequently enriches text data for the college and will be talking about his experiences analyzing organic conversations for sentiment, identifying threats in text, and using the crowd to train classifier algorithms. He’s spearheaded countless innovative social media efforts at Stanford, including Facebook office hours. You can find him on Twitter at @jbstafford.



Benn Stancil, Chief Analyst, Mode

Prior to Mode, Benn has served as an Analyst at Yammer and Microsoft. He’s also worked as a researcher for the Carnegie Endowment for Internation Peace. A big believer in the power of data as a story-telling device, his talk will focus on how to bring people into the world of data analysis and how to not only understand your audience but to make data meaningful to them. You can find him on Twitter at @bennstancil.

We’re booking more and more speakers for the Rich Data Summit in the coming weeks and, of course, we’ll keep you posted. Early bird tickets are still available and, if you’d like to hear news and updates about the conference, follow @richdatasummit won’t you? If you’d like to speak, moderate, sponsor, or get in touch with us about the summit for any reason, email

We’re hoping the Rich Data Summit gives data scientists the tools to more quickly and efficiently turn big data into rich data. We’d love it if you joined us.