By Lukas Bergstrom, October 22, 2009

Getting the Gold-Farmers to do useful work

screen shot crowdflower gambitOne of the most interesting and successful ways that games make money is through “offers” — basically ads or surveys that players can do to earn virtual currency. The game maker earns real money for every player that completes an offer.

We’ve integrated with Gambit, a leading offer provider. They post our tasks inside games alongside other offers. Instead of filling out a survey or buying something they don’t actually want, we have people doing real, useful work for our customers. I might be too old to understand the appeal of virtual currency, but we’ve observed from the feedback and volume of gamers doing our tasks that people care about getting their in-game money. It’s fascinating and exciting that people are shifting from doing things that aren’t standardly conceived of as productive to tasks that people need done. You can see a screenshot of how a task looks in the facebook game “SportsBets” on the left.

This is one way that by working through CrowdFlower we’re able to give you access to people speaking virtually every major language.