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By Justin Tenuto, March 25, 2015

March Madness Update: The Crowd is Kicking Our Ass

When last we wrote, we made a comment about how the guy who always wins the office NCAA bracket usually thinks a pick and roll is a Tuesday special at that sushi restaurant he goes to once in a while. We’d like to retract that. Because “the guy” who’s winning our pool isn’t a guy at all. It’s 145 people. It’s our crowdsourced pool.

CFPOOL(Author not pictured because author is not smart)

Yeah. That’s right. 145 CrowdFlower contributors from across America, some of whom are most likely not college basketball fans, are beating us all. And this isn’t some ephemeral, ahead-by-a-nose thing either. Not only is most of their Final Four still in play (nuts to you, Villanova), but they’ve missed TWO games in the entire bottom half of the bracket. I mean, look at this thing:


That’s silly.

Our contributors sniffed out UCLA’s (relatively bogus) upset, had Xavier squeaking into the Sweet 16, and backed Duke because, hey, nobody’s perfect. They picked 81% of games correctly, sit at 51 points, and have bragging rights over several celebrity-branded brackets, including Yahoo’s “Bracket Expert” Brad Evans, USMNT Goalkeeper/real American hero Tim Howard, and enthusiastic flop aficionado Chris Paul.

Which is to say: this is going better than we expected. All hail the crowd.