By Ashleigh Harris, November 11, 2013

MLconf 2013 | Organizing Big Data with the Crowd

The Machine Learning Conference (MLconf) is this Friday, Nov. 15, in San Francisco. MLconf is a meeting place for both academia and industry to discuss upcoming challenges of large-scale machine learning and solution methods. This year will highlight the exploding machine learning field and those at the forefront of its design and application. The conference will include topics spanning the worlds of entertainment, education, technology, communication and finance.

CrowdFlower’s CEO, Lukas Biewald, is kicking off the day with a talk called, “Organizing Big Data with the Crowd,” that will discus how CrowdFlower is effectively leveraging the human intelligence of the crowd to solve problems related to collecting, categorizing and labeling vast amounts of data, resulting in better training of machine learning models and improved system performance.

Other presenters include machine learning experts from Intel, Netflix, Pandora, Google, Twitter, Graphlab, and Stanford to name a few.

Learn more about MLconf and register using this link to receive a special discount as a friend of CrowdFlower.