By Lukas Biewald, October 17, 2013

New Career Path: Crowdsourcing Expert

Crowdsourcing is an awesome career path. The day is coming where nearly every company will need to have crowdsourcing expertise to stay competitive. In nearly every company that we’ve worked with someone becomes the crowdsourcing expert in their organization. These experts will come from a variety of fields, from data science, to user experience, to business intelligence. Here are a few things these people all have in common:

  • – A mix of quantitative and qualitative skills
  • – A desire to make their organization, and their own job, more efficient
  • – The ability to build workflows and tasks that make sense to the crowd
  • – The ability to interpret and leverage the statistics that our platform generates so that he or she can understand the results at a macro level

We are fortunate enough to work with incredibly forward-thinking customers. Here are a few examples of how some of them forged their crowdsourcing career path:

Patrick Philips Patrick Philips, Crowdsourcing Lead, LinkedIn
Patrick actually worked at CrowdFlower in customer service and sales for two years before leading crowdsourcing initiatives at LinkedIn. I was sad to see Patrick go, but it’s been awesome to see LinkedIn massively expand its crowdsourcing use as Patrick worked with internal teams to find tasks that folks were wasting time and money with internally.
Sveva Sveva Basana, Taxonomy and Crowdsourcing Lead, YP
Sveva started doing crowdsourcing when she was on an R&D team collecting labels for machine learning algorithms. She got excited about the opportunity to transform the way people work. After becoming familiar with our platform she started helping other teams build jobs for all types of applications such as photo moderation, search engine relevance and query labeling.

If you’re interested in being the crowdsourcing person for your organization, you should come to CrowdConf. You can meet Sveva, Patrick, and others who have been heroes in their companies and find out how they did it. If you’re really serious, we have a training day before the conference that will teach you the basic skills you need to run jobs successfully. You will receive hands-on, practical expertise that you can bring back to your organization.