By Nathan Zukoff, October 28, 2013

CrowdFlower University | New Crowdsourcing Training Program

On Monday, Oct. 21, CrowdFlower ran its first session of CrowdFlower University. The turn out was incredible. We had more than 30 people representing a range of organizations, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. It was an engaging 4 hour session filled with great questions.

CrowdFlower University

This course was the first in a series of live sessions and online educational tools that we are developing to help people become crowdsourcing experts. Our mission is to empower customers to take on large-scale data projects by leveraging our platform and access an online workforce of more than 5 million contributors. Attendees of this first CrowdFlower University course learned how to create and launch a successful microtasking job using CrowdFlower’s brand new platform, which was officially released the following day.

In addition to a platform tutorial, in this first session we went over several case studies of real world applications of crowdsourcing and even created and launched a new microtasking job. Attendees saw our new job dashboard updating in real-time as contributors completed tasks for the job. A few of the attendees actually built and launched their own microtasking jobs for their own large-data projects before the course was over.

Want to become a crowdsourcing expert? Keep an eye out for future CrowdFlower University course. We want to empower you to leverage the CrowdFlower Platform and become a crowdsourcing expert too.

Here is what attendees had to say about CrowdFlower University:


“CrowdFlower University was a great, hands-on introduction to the new CrowdFlower platform. In addition to gaining the confidence to start running our own crowdsourcing jobs, we had the opportunity to learn best practices by asking the experts.” – Bruce Smith, Intuit Inc., Sr Data Scientist – Semantic Technology and Search

“It was an engaging and comprehensive introduction to the CrowdFlower platform. I left feeling confident that the tool will enable our clients to efficiently create microtasks and engage the right crowd to scale their workforce and deliver high-quality results.”

Britt Hogue, a partner at K2, a consultancy that helps financial services organizations leverage crowdsourcing.