By Tim Matthews, August 7, 2013

New Solution Brief: Crowdsourcing Data Quality

A core requirement from CrowdFlower customers is ensuring accuracy of data about their customers and prospects. In my world, having the correct data is essential for a marketing campaign. You need accuracy in order to guarantee targeting the right people with the right product or service, to address targets by their proper name, and send offers to the correct address or social media channel. Bad contact data can derail response rates for a digital campaign. It can also prevent sales reps from having good leads or be unable to directly call a prospect.

Crowdsourcing can help. We invite you to check out our new data quality solution brief to learn how CrowdFlower can help your business quickly boost the quality of its marketing or sales database. The brief is called Crowdsourcing Data Quality: Shift Data Maintenance to the Crowd for a Fractional Cost of Traditional Methods. It explains three CrowdFlower advantages:

  • Accuracy – The crowd brings greater accuracy compared to conventional methods.
  • Scale – CrowdFlower brings the ability to scale up and down with a virtual workforce on demand.
  • Lower Cost – Our solution delivers up to 75% cost savings compared to the way it’s always been done.

CrowdFlower uses the power of the crowd to effectively conduct typical data management techniques of data cleansing, data de-duplication and matching, data enrichment, and data categorization & hierarchy. The brief describes these processes and how we perform them with crowd contributors. In the past, your company’s only options for boosting the quality of a database was to do it with internal (and often cost-prohibitive) resources or by outsourcing to lower-cost (but still expensive) contractors. CrowdFlower provides a new and more effective way to improve data quality. CrowdFlower combines crowdsourced human intelligence with artificial intelligence to solve large and complex data problems cost effectively and at high quality.

The solution brief explains how we do this with microtasking. Essentially, CrowdFlower takes a large, complex data quality project and divides it into small, simple tasks – microtasks – that can be performed on demand by our global virtual workforce of more than 5 million workers.

In the brief, you will learn how CrowdFlower provides microtasking as a managed service where CrowdFlower handles the details of providing workflows for a project’s specifications. Customers may also license our platform to build and run workflows as an in-house crowdsourcing capability. Either way, the brief describes how our platform quickly produces excellent results at scale with a four-step process for improving data quality.