By Mollie Allick, October 4, 2012

Previewing CrowdConf 2012 – Interview with’s Ken Stoddart

As we are fast approaching CrowdConf, I am excited to announce that CrowdSource will participate as a sponsor at the upcoming CrowdConf 2012 in San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center on October 23rd. In its 3rd year, CrowdConf is on track to continue as the leading conference in the industry. We are working hard to provide informational sessions to a wide audience on the latest trends, research and real world applications in crowdsourcing. We recently sat down with CrowdSource’s Vice President of Global Sales, Ken Stoddart, to discuss their plans for the conference. Here’s what he has to say about this year’s CrowdConf:


CrowdConf: Ken, thanks for joining us. We are excited to have CrowdSource as a sponsor again this year at CrowdConf.

Ken Stoddart: We are very excited to be back and want to show our support for CrowdFlower and the organizers of CrowdConf. Our industry needs a conference such as this that continues to grow year after year – where attendees from all over the world can come and learn more about crowdsourcing in general and how it can be used to solve real business problems.

CrowdConf: What is it that you are most looking to take away from this year’s event?

We are hoping to educate existing and potential clients on the power of using the crowd. We want to talk about what we have learned over the past year. What’s working. What’s not. Not a sales pitch, just good industry discussions that continue to help validate our industry. We also hope to learn from other leaders in the space. There is a great line up of speakers and we are excited to hear what they have to say. And with the new format this year, we can focus on our time on the microtasking component.

CrowdConf: Why is CrowdConf important to CrowdSource?

To have a conference each year where the leaders of this industry get together, share ideas and collaborate on strategies for continued growth is beneficial to everyone. We are all passionate about crowdsourcing, and while we share some of the same clients and prospects, the conference is about setting aside competition and focusing on educating people on key topics for overall growth of the industry.

CrowdConf: Are you expecting a lot of your customers to come to CrowdConf?

Ken Stoddart: As the leader of the CrowdSource sales team, I have really tried to promote the event and have led my team to do so as well. We want our customers to become educated and learn about the many advantages of crowdsourcing. Because we expect a great turnout, including many of our own customers, CrowdConf is a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

CrowdConf: How has 2012 been for CrowdSource?

Ken Stoddart: This has been an incredible year. We have so many exciting things happening right now. Young companies in a fast-paced industry create exciting times. We have a dedicated team that is committed to hard work, and our shift to the enterprise model earlier in the year was a key turning point for us. There is so much we learned and are excited to share with the attendees at CrowdConf.

CrowdConf: Who are you most excited to hear speak this year?
Ken Stoddart: The amount of knowledge about the industry stemming from the list of guest speakers is amazing. From Omar Alonso with Microsoft to Sharon Chiarella with Amazon, I have no doubt the keynote from Slava Rubin with Indiegogo will be exciting and educational. Because we work so closely with Amazon Mechanical Turk, I always enjoy hearing Sharon speak. Our CEO, Stephanie Leffler, is also scheduled to speak on hyper-specialization in the crowd. Overall, I’m excited about all of the educational opportunities available at CrowdConf. Each speaker will provide information from many different perspectives in the crowdsourcing space.

CrowdConf: Tell us a little about how you see the tech community building up outside of Silicon Valley.

Ken Stoddart: Saint Louis is definitely redefining the start-up space. In fact, Forbes Magazine just recently published an article about why Saint Louis is an ideal spot for a tech start-up company. Working from a smaller city has several advantages over working in large cities, and we love our location. Overhead costs are much lower than on both coasts. The average cost of living in general is lower; not to mention, the cost of office space is significantly less. We have easy access to both coasts, and we have access to a large talent pool graduating from Washington University, Saint Louis University and Missouri University, among other distinguished universities. With very little competition in the area, we get to cherry pick the cream of the crop.

CrowdConf: Thanks Ken for sharing your thoughts on this year’s conference. We are excited to see you and your team in just a few weeks. Be sure to buy your tickets now for 25% off with this discount code CFDIS25 and don’t miss out on the world’s largest crowdsourcing event on Tuesday, October 23 in San Francisco.