By Ari Klein, April 3, 2013

Recap: Builder Pro Training Day


Builder Pro Training Day Class is in Session! // Photo Credit: Paige Buck

We just hosted our very first Builder Pro Training Day at our office in San Francisco. For all on the east coast — not to worry — we’ll be hosting a day in New York for you soon!

Forward-looking Fortune 500 companies spanning various industries have been forming Crowdsourcing Centers of Excellence and internal Crowdsourcing Programs for years. As more businesses recognize the value of bringing crowdsourcing expertise in-house, we are ready to provide access to our market-leading microtasking platform: Builder Pro. It puts the tools of the CrowdFlower Admin at the fingertips of any company.

As the crowdsourcing industry matures, we’ve begun to cross the chasm. In his book Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore describes the chasm as the gap in technology adoption between innovative, early adopting customers and the subsequent group dubbed the early majority. Well, we’ve been listening to our early adopters intently and in response recently launched Builder Pro — a premium (read: totally souped-up) version of our self-service microtasking platform (Builder).

To soft launch launch Builder Pro, we invited 20 customers into our office and held an exclusive, full-day training event. While having a lot of fun, we also received instant product feedback. Ah yes, and all attendees received a 1-month free trial of Builder Pro and $99 of credit to test it out 🙂 We brought in guest speakers, had roundtable discussions, and defined immediately valuable use cases of crowdsourcing.

Here’s a snapshot of what we covered:

  • How to deconstruct a business process and create tasks for the crowd to perform

  • Best practices in task monitoring, after the crowd has begun working on a project

  • A broad survey of successful crowdsourcing projects and interesting applications

  • Our product roadmap for Builder Pro and the exciting features that will be released

  • Advanced methods in managing the quality of results for high volume projects

Builder Pro Training Day was a resounding success, so we’re taking this show on the road! Our next stop will be New York. If you have feedback, questions or you’d like an invitation to our New York training day, reach out to me or leave a comment below!