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By Hilary Petee, November 4, 2016

See CrowdFlower at these November events

Our CrowdFlower team will be busy the first week of November, attending and speaking at three different conferences in the Bay Area: ODSC West, AI World Conference & Expo, and MLConf

If you’re attending – or want to attend – any of the previously mentioned conferences, read on for information on:

  • How to get tickets (comped or discounted on us)
  • Where to find our booth at each event
  • When and where to see our CEO, Robin Bordoli, and/or Sr. Data Scientist, Nick Gaylord, speak at each event

Come see CrowdFlower at the November Events we are attending!

ODSC West – November 5-6, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

From conference website:

ODSC – Open Data Science Conference – is essential for anyone who wants to connect to the data science community and contribute to the open source applications they use everyday. Our goal is to bring together the global data science community to help foster the exchange of innovative ideas and encourage the growth of open source software.

  • Get tickets here. Use discount code “ODSC-WEST25” to get a 25% discount on tickets.
  • Visit us at booth S1 in the Mission City Foyer.

See our Senior Data Scientist, Nick Gaylord, speak on Machine Learning with Humans in the Loop, on November 6 @ 11 a.m. PST:

Machine Learning with Humans in the Loop

This session covers multiple topics in the combination of machine learning and human intelligence in production systems. These are resources that offer complementary advantages: machine learning enables rapid, fully automated classification of data, while human intelligence provides ceiling-level accuracy in the handling of edge cases and items the ML model is not confident about. 

Here, we focus on two related strategies for incorporating human intelligence in the ML workflow. The first relates to active learning — collecting supplemental training data in a targeted fashion, to strengthen the model at its weakest points. The second is using human judgment at scale to offset lower-confidence model predictions, and ensure accurate labeling across the dataset to be classified. Obtaining human labels for low-confidence model predictions helps ensure prediction quality in the short term through direct labeling, and in the long term through incremental model improvement. In addition discussing these strategies at the issue level, I will also demonstrate how they are incorporated into the workflow of our new machine learning offering, CrowdFlower AI.

AI World Conference and Expo – November 7-9, Parc 55 Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, CA

From conference website:

AI World offers you the industry’s most comprehensive conference program and in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-practice of AI in the enterprise today. Our mission is simple. To help your company gain the insights you need to develop your strategy for deploying AI in your enterprise. AI World is dedicated to helping you pinpoint what the opportunities are, and which particular strategies your company can develop today to harness the power of these disruptive technologies. 

  • Email Marketing for comped VIP tickets on us
  • Visit us at booth 5 on the fourth floor on November 7 and 8

See our CEO, Robin Bordoli, speak on The 7 Myths of AI, on November 9 @ 12:20 p.m. PST:

The 7 Myths of AI

AI is now a mainstream media topic reaching a broader business audience.  How do we speak to this business audience?  How do dispel the myths being perpetuated by the mainstream media?  How do we give business executives a framework to understand AI and apply it to their business?  If we as an industry want to have the wide scale impact to which we all aspire, then it’s imperative we find a way to connect and engage with business executives.  Robin will share his approach for doing this.

Come discuss human-in-the-loop technologies at our November Events!

MLConf – November 11, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA

From conference website:

The Machine Learning Conference (MLconf) began in 2012, as a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s GraphLab team, to gather the thought leaders in Machine Learning, specifically Graph Databases.

In 2013, MLconf became a separate event, devoted to the Machine Learning and Data Science community in San Francisco, agnostic of any tool, platform or company. MLconf events host speakers from various industries, research and universities to discuss recent research and application of Machine Learning methodologies and practices. In 2014, MLconf entered NYC and Atlanta, as well as San Francisco. In 2015, MLconf hosted conferences in NYC, Atlanta, Seattle and San Francisco, with plans to enter additional US cities in 2016.

  1. Get tickets here. Use the discount code “CrowdFlower18” to get an 18% discount on tickets
  2. Visit us in the main expo area

Looking forward to seeing you.