Leverage the power of CrowdFlower AI for your business

Artificial Intelligence isn't just for the Googles, Amazons and Teslas of the world. With CrowdFlower's training data, machine learning and human-in-the-loop capabilities, you can integrate Artificial Intelligence into your company's day-to-day business processes.

In order to capture the power of AI, the following is extremely important:

  1. Play to AI’s strengths: Collect more training data: Real breakthroughs in machine learning always come when there are new data sets. 

2. Cover for AI’s weaknesses: Use human-in-the-loop:  When done well, keeping a human-in-the-loop can give the best of both worlds: the power and cost savings of automation, without the sometimes unreliability of machine learning. 

The CrowdFlower AI platform supports a wide range of use cases including customer support ticket classification and social data insights. Learn more about how our platform works.