Artificial Intelligence

Adopt AI by Connecting Machine Learning to Humans-In-The-Loop

Artificial Intelligence has long been a topic in science fiction, and now it’s becoming a reality. From a sentient computer controlling the systems in a spacecraft or home to walking, talking robots that may or may not look human, most AIs in science fiction are fairly autonomous. While there have been many advances in real-world applications, from customer service to drug discovery to predictive typing, there are still many problems with artificial intelligence, including accuracy, reliability, and cost.

We at CrowdFlower want to bring AI and machine learning within the reach of every business. Our human-in-the-loop approach allows businesses to perform tasks with machine learning and algorithms aided by human judgment. Simply upload your data and stipulate the rules for our contributors to follow. Our massive workforce works around the clock and will label your data for your machine-learning model. The more human-generated labels used, the more intelligent the model becomes.

Using CrowdFlower is easy and cost effective:

  • Upload your data – text, images, video, audio, you name it
  • Watch humans label your data at scale
  • Create a machine learning model with predictive powers from human labels
  • Use your results – download your data or use machine learning and our human-in-the-loop platform to make artificial intelligence work for you

Artificial intelligence still has a way to go before your car will make a cup of coffee for your morning commute. Until that time, let CrowdFlower help you with your AI needs. Give us a try today!