Big Data Machine Learning

Improve Your Results from Your Big Data and Machine Learning

Let’s face it. Traditional analytical tools and big data are a poor match. The volume of data is too large, and the range of potential correlations is too wide for any analyst using traditional tools to extract all of the value buried in the data. Machine learning is well suited to dealing with big data, its huge variety of variables, and its disparate sources. The more data fed into machine learning algorithms, the better the results. So why aren’t the results accurate?

We at CrowdFlower believe that the problem with real-world machine learning is the lack of quality training data. We make machine learning work by combining human intelligence and machine intelligence in one platform. Our human-in-the-loop platform makes it easy to collect and label training data for your machine learning algorithms. It’s also easy to automatically pinpoint where machine learning algorithms are struggling and retrain them.

CrowdFlower is easy to use.

  • Upload your data. Your data can be images, audio, video, text, or your mission-critical system of record.
  • Design and launch your job. Customize your design settings and our human-in-the-loop platform will route the tasks based on your requirements.
  • Use your results. Download your enriched data, or use machine learning and human-in-the-loop to make active learning work for you.

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