Big Data Scientist

Convert Your Big Data to Rich, Useful Information

Big data is everywhere. In its raw state, big data is full of irrelevant information and misleading patterns. It must be collected and managed before it has any real value. After all, it’s not the quantity of the data that is important but the insights that can be drawn from it. CrowdFlower can help you with the time-consuming cleaning, joining, and processing of your big data.

CrowdFlower utilizes advanced quality control mechanisms and sophisticated job design tools, which allow our contributors to provide you with high-quality results. This is a smarter and better way for tackling big data than alternatives like managing interns or outsourcing. Our human-in-the loop platform will turn all that big data into rich data that is streamlined, organized, and useful.

Using CrowdFlower, you can: 

  • Organize anything: You provide the categories; we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Train your algorithms: Train your machine learning models with your unique use-cases using our human-curated training sets.
  • Save valuable time: Data categorization is time consuming. Our massive contributor base will let you cut that time to a fraction.

Whether you need to categorize business information, product pages, sentiment, or any kind of big data, CrowdFlower can help you. Save time and money and use your big data as a competitive asset. Try CrowdFlower today!