Business Data Collection

Collect Your Business Data Quickly and Easily

Collecting business data is never easy. Businesses close, addresses change, primary contacts change, inbound sales lists grow old. Separating the good data from the bad data takes time. And after gathering the data, it needs to be categorized and labeled, which takes more time. After all that work and time, what have you got? Is the data pertinent? Will you get accurate results from it?

Let CrowdFlower help you. Whether you’re locating investor information, URLs, addresses, or other crucial data, our contributors can go through your information and provide you with rich, reliable data. Just tell them what data you want collected, enhanced, or verified, and they’ll take care of the rest. 

CrowdFlower will help you:

  • Collect better data: Let them know what type of information you want collected, and our contributors can gather immense amounts of your business data.
  • Clean your data: Our contributors will verify your data’s accuracy.
  • Get it right, fast: CrowdFlower runs 24/7 with unique quality-control mechanisms so you receive your rich, clean data quickly and economically.

Trust CrowdFlower with your business data collection.  Get started today!