Data Collection Service

Data Collection Service Provided Quickly and Easily

Collecting data can be time consuming and expensive. Data is messy, and it’s always changing. Businesses close, lists become outdated, contacts change. Relying on data-metrics doesn’t always provide enough information. And, once the data is collected, it must be verified, categorized, labeled, and much more before it’s ready for use. If only data collection could be quick and easy. With CrowdFlower, it can be.

CrowdFlower provides data collection, categorization and enhancement services. Whether you need to verify business addresses or build out a sales list, just a few clicks will give you the ability to create and moderate content quickly and easily.  You customize your design settings for the results you need.  Analyze and search, or even make surveys to quickly collect information. Our humans-in-the-loop platform will provide you clean, enriched data categorized and labeled to your specifications.

CrowdFlower services will:

  • Clean your data: Our contributors can look through your data and verify the information.
  • Collect better data: Point our contributors to a website or a search, and let them know what data you need captured. With CrowdFlower will collect any data you need.
  • Get it right, fast: CrowdFlower runs around the clock. Our unique quality-control mechanism get your data collected, enhanced, or verified quickly and easily.

With CrowdFlower, all of your data collection services are provided quickly and easily. Give us a try today!