Data Quality Control

Don’t Wait for Poor Data to Cause Major Problems

Data quality is often treated as an IT issue or, worse yet, overlooked until there is a major problem. The data in a typical business database is only about a third accurate, with errors ranging from major to minor in the other two thirds. But even minor errors can lead to poor customer impressions or lost revenue. And once data is collected, cleaned, stored, and processed, good data quality management is necessary to keep it accurate

CrowdFlower provides a world-wide virtual workforce that efficiently conducts typical management chores. Our human-in-the-loop platform quickly and efficiently collects, cleans, categorizes, de-duplicates, enriches, and maintains your data to provide you with useful quality data.  With advanced quality control mechanism and sophisticated job design tools, our contributors will optimize your data to your specifications.

Getting quality data is easy with CrowdFlower.

  • Upload your data – text, images, audio, video, or mission-critical system of record
  • Design your job – customize your design settings to drive the data quality you need
  • Launch your job – your tasks will be routed to the right people, even under NDA if needed
  • Use your results – download your enriched quality data

Don’t let poor data quality control cause headaches for your business. Get the most from your data with CrowdFlower. Start your free trial today.