Why Data Quality Is Important

Don’t Lose Revenue Due to Poor Data Quality

Quality data is essential to an organization’s vitality. Depending on how data is collected, labelled, stored, and processed, data quality can vary significantly. Poor data quality can lead to bad business decisions, which leads to lost opportunities, frustrated customers, and lost revenue. But collecting and maintaining quality data can be both time consuming and costly.

The CrowdFlower human-in-the-loop data enrichment platform uses sophisticated job design tools and advanced quality control mechanisms to organize and streamline your data. CrowdFlower contributors clean, categorize, and label your data, providing you with useful and rich quality data tailored to your specific needs. And our Data for Everyone open-source library contains high-quality data sets you can use to train your machine learning algorithms.

Using CrowdFlower is easy:

  • Upload your data – text, audio, images, video, or your mission-critical system of record
  • Design your job – customize your design settings to drive the data quality you need
  • Launch your job – your tasks will be routed to the right people, even under NDA, if needed
  • Use your results – download your enriched quality data

Don’t let poor data quality keep your business from succeeding. See what CrowdFlower can do for you today!