Data Science Machine Learning

Receive Quality Results Using Quality Training Data

You already know that machine learning is the best way to handle the massive amount of structured and unstructured data you’re dealing with. You have plenty of data to train your algorithms, but you’re getting poor results. Why? The problem is most likely your training data. To get usable results from your machine learning algorithms, you need quality training data.

CrowdFlower can help you get the most from your data. We combine the best of human intelligence and machine learning in one platform. Our world-wide workforce will collect and label training data based on your specifications. Our contributors use sophisticated job design tools and advanced quality control mechanisms to provide organized, high-quality, useful data for your machine learning algorithms.

With CrowdFlower, you can

  • Train your algorithms: Train your machine learning models with your unique use-cases using our human-curated training sets.
  • Improve your machine learning results and get the most from your big data. Get started today with the CrowdFlower free trial.
  • Organize anything: You provide the categories; we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Save valuable time: Data categorization is time consuming. Our massive contributor base will let you cut that time to a fraction.

Get reliable, quality results from your machine learning algorithms. Start your CrowdFlower free trial today.