Data Scientist Skills

Utilize Your Data Scientist Skills by Reducing Data Wrangling

Data scientists spend as much as 80% of their time cleaning and processing data. This data wrangling leaves them little time for their preferred tasks, like predictive analysis and machine learning. This is a poor allocation of both their skills and time. Liberate your data scientists from data wrangling, and let them use their skill set more productively with CrowdFlower.

CrowdFlower is an indispensable human-in-the-loop platform that helps data scientists collect, clean, and label high-quality large-scale data sets. Our contributors organize raw data, allowing your data scientists to get to the desired information. With sophisticated job design tools, worker targeting, and advanced quality control mechanisms, your data scientists save both time and money.

With CrowdFlower, you can:

  • Organize anything: There’s no limit. Tag images, organize customer service tickets, categorize leads. You name it, our platform can do it.
  • Train your algorithms: Human-curated data training sets make the best training datasets. What’s more, you can train your models for your unique use-cases.
  • Save valuable time: Data categorization wastes a lot of time for data scientists. Our massive contributor base cuts that time to a fraction, allowing your data scientists to move on to their desired tasks.

CrowdFlower is easy to use. Simply upload your data, build your job, choose your settings, launch, and monitor your jobs in real time.

Get started today to experience the depth and breadth of the CrowdFlower platform.