Ensuring Data Quality

How Reliable is Your Data Quality?

The accuracy of data is essential to every business. In a typical business database, only about a third of the information is correct. The other two thirds have errors ranging from minor to major. But, even minor errors can become expensive errors. The traditional means of ensuring data quality, using internal resources or outsourcing to contractors, is costly and time consuming. The data needs to be consolidated, cleaned, de-duplicated, categorized, and enriched. And a lot of the process requires human decisions about the accuracy of each questionable bit of data.

CrowdFlower’s human-in-the-loop platform quickly and efficiently collects, cleans, categorizes, de-duplicates, and enriches your data. By using the power of a world-wide virtual workforce and advanced quality control mechanisms and sophisticated job design tools, our contributors will optimize your data the way you want it.

With CrowdFlower you can expect:

  • Accuracy – Our contributors bring greater accuracy compared to conventional methods.
  • Scale – CrowdFlower brings the ability to scale up and down with a virtual on-demand workforce.
  • Lower Cost – Our solution delivers cost savings compared to the way it’s always been done.

Ensure your data is high quality data with CrowdFlower. Get started today and see what we can do for you.