Enterprise Data Quality

Ensure Your Data Is of the Highest Quality

In today’s business world, obtaining and maintaining accurate customer data is crucial to a company’s success. Enterprise data, that data owned by the company, may contain important client details ranging from addresses to purchase histories. This data is so valuable that poor data management can cause more than just headaches. It can be very costly.

The CrowdFlower human-in-the-loop platform uses advanced quality control mechanisms and sophisticated job design tools to clean and enrich your data. Our contributors will quickly and efficiently clean your data, removing duplicates and erroneous information, to provide you with rich quality data.

Using CrowdFlower is easy:

  • Upload your data – audio, images, video, text, or your mission-critical system of record
  • Design your job – customize your design settings to drive the data quality you need
  • Launch your job – your tasks will be routed to the right people, even under NDA if needed
  • Use your results – download your enriched quality data

Your enterprise data should be of the highest quality to ensure success. Find out how CrowdFlower can make a difference for your business. Try your free trial today.