Google Mechanical Turk

You Can Do Better Than Mechanical Turk for Results and Accuracy

You need help with your data. It needs to be cleaned, categorized, and tagged. It needs to be enriched. You don’t have the in-house labor necessary to perform the task, so you google “crowd workers.” Boom. Up pops articles about and links to Mechanical Turk. But is that really where you want to go?

CrowdFlower has quality control mechanisms, advanced worker targeting, and detailed reporting on results that Mechanical Turk can’t match. With over a hundred more worker job boards and twice the number of job templates, CrowdFlower provides faster and more accurate results. And that’s not all.  Test questions, dynamic judgment collection, statistical results aggregation, and more are why CrowdFlower is the best choice for taking care of your data. And CrowdFlower is available to non-U.S. companies as well.

It’s simple with CrowdFlower:

  • Upload your data. It can be text, images, audio, video, or your mission-critical system of record.
  • Design and launch your job. Customize your design settings and our human-in-the-loop platform will route the tasks based on your requirements.
  • Use your results.

Don’t trust your data to the first name you see on a Google search. Get faster, more accurate results while saving time and money with CrowdFlower. Get started with CrowdFlower today!