Delivering Better Search Results

Build a Better, Smarter, Faster Search Relevance

Users who search are more likely to convert than users who only browse. Internal search has a direct and tangible impact on revenue. This is particularly true for ecommerce companies. To create the most accurate, most intuitive, and most powerful search experience possible, you need CrowdFlower.

CrowdFlower is the essential human-in-the-loop platform to help data teams collect, clean, and label data at scale to make it useful. Our platform enables your data scientists to do the work that they are paid to do – create machine learning algorithms. CrowdFlower allows you to:

  • Train a smarter algorithm – with human-curated training data, your algorithms will returns better results, faster
  • Optimize the way you want to – you decide what to show for queries, what constitutes a great result, and or contributors will task around the clock to get you the judgements you need
  • Improve your result library – our contributors will give your algorithm more relevant information you can use to fine-tune your search models

CrowdFlower is easy to use. Just upload your data with a simple drag and drop, build your job, choose your settings, and press launch. And you can monitor the job in real time. 

Get started with CrowdFlower today!