Machine Learning Algorithms

Utilize Human Curated Training Data for Better Results

Machine learning is the best option when running pattern recognition or predictive analysis. But machine learning algorithms can struggle with accuracy, resulting in inconclusive or inaccurate data. Why? Machine learning algorithms require training, and data is needed to train the algorithms. But if you’re using poor quality data to train your algorithms, your results will reflect it.

CrowdFlower makes machine learning work by combining the best of machine and human intelligence in a single platform. Our humans-in-the-loop makes it easy to collect and label high-quality training data and connect it to your algorithms. We can even identify where your algorithms are struggling and retraining them with active learning. And our Data for Everyone open source library can provide even more training data for your machine learning algorithms.

Using CrowdFlower is easy.

  • Upload your data. Your data can be audio, video, images, text, and more.
  • Design and launch your job. Our human-in-the-loop platform will route tasks based on your customized design settings.
  • Use your results. Download your enriched data, or use machine learning and human-in-the-loop to make active learning work for you.

Try CrowdFlower today to see how we can improve your machine learning algorithm accuracy.