Machine Learning Big Data

Improve Machine Learning Results with Enriched Big Data

Big Data, that massive amount of structured or unstructured information you’re trying to deal with, is too large for traditional analytical tools. Basic analytical methods and online analytical processing can’t extract all of the information buried in the data. Machine learning can. With machine learning, the more information fed into the system, the more it can learn, the better the results. But you need more than just machine learning to get good results.  You need quality training data.

CrowdFlower can help you get the much more out of your big data by combining the of human intelligence and machine learning a single platform. Our contributors collect, then label training data for your algorithms based on your specifications. Using sophisticated job design tools and advanced quality control mechanisms, our contributors provide high-quality, organized, and useful data for your machine learning algorithms.

By using CrowdFlower, you can: 

  • Train your algorithms: Train your machine learning models with your unique use-cases using our human-curated training sets
  • Organize anything: You provide the categories; we’ll take care of the rest
  • Save valuable time: Data categorization is time consuming. Our massive contributor base will let you cut that time to a fraction

Improve your machine learning results and get the most from your big data. Get started today with CrowdFlower!