Quality Data Services

Expect Higher Quality Data from a Reliable Source

Many businesses use data from multiple sources with inconsistent data quality. Data that is customer entered is often inaccurate and difficult to normalize. Different data sources provide data with different levels of completeness, which will have to be integrated in order to produce reliable data. Many companies rely on data services, but reliability, scalability, and cost remain an issue

The CrowdFlower human-in-the-loop platform will quickly and efficiently collect, clean, and categorize your data. Using sophisticated job design tools and advanced quality control mechanisms, our contributors will provide useful rich quality data tailored to your specific requirements. You’ll receive higher accuracy and faster results with our world-wide virtual workforce.

CrowdFlower provides what you expect:

  • Accuracy – Our contributors bring greater accuracy compared to conventional methods.
  • Scalability – CrowdFlower brings the ability to scale up and down with a virtual on-demand workforce.
  • Lower Cost – Our solution delivers cost savings compared to the way it’s always been done.

CrowdFlower applies innovative methods to existing problems. Get the yield and accuracy you really want. Get started today!