Search Relevance

Relevant First Search Results for Better User Experience

Search engine algorithms alone can fail to provide the most relevant results, and irrelevant searches can create a poor user experience. Users who search on ecommerce sites convert two to three times more frequently than users who browse.  Because of this, a poor search experience can hurt your bottom dollar. CrowdFlower can increase relevant search results.

With a data enrichment platform to train your algorithms, the CrowdFlower human-in-the-loop approach can test, score, and improve your search relevance. You decide how to optimize search relevance and what constitutes a great result. Our contributors will train your algorithms with relevant information to fine-tune search engine models.

  • Design an intuitive, easy-to- use interface
  • Optimize search results how you want them
  • Build out additional categories with relevant information

With CrowdFlower, you can be confident that your users’ search results are fast, intuitive, and relevant.

Get started today with 1000 rows of data, free, with the CrowdFlower free trial.